Board in one of our boats and let’s set off along the famous and crystal clear waters of Milos.


We offer you

  • Specialised permanent crew
  • Comfortable seats and enough storage space
  • Quality safety equipment
  • Certified vessel and crew
  • Trips from 2-50 persons (depending on the boat, ticket, and destination)
  • Comfortable and safe access to the sea for swimming
  • Swimming masks, flippers, and air mattresses available
  • Prices from 50€ to 200€/ person
  • Prices for full charter or ticket per boat upon in-person agreement
  • Shaded space
  • WC

When the weather is bad, we depart from the Southern parts of the island, which are protected from waves.


Discover the hidden gems of Milos travelling with comfort and luxury

We experienced the absolute tranquility, without missing anything. It was like we were alone on Earth, especially on the wonderful and heavenly Milos.
Thodoris K.

Sailing boats

A sophisticated marine experience you shouldn’t miss!


It is wonderful to travel with people who know how to have a good time, enjoy the moment and inspire confidence.
Anastasia S.


Enjoy speed and flexibility!