Live the experience in Greek islands

Discover the magic of the sea

Board in one of our speedboats and let’s set off along the most dazzling beaches, enjoying the crystal clear waters of Milos with the comfort and speed you deserve. We invite you to this unrivaled experience.

Our mission

Creating magical moments

A set of different and unique speedboats and sailing boats awaits to offer you luxury and comfort in the exclusivity of our private trips with your loved ones to the island of Milos. On our cruises, we don’t wait for the magical moments, we create them!


Unique parties, business meetings and all kinds of receptions that will satisfy even the most demanding costumer.



Relax and experience unforgettable moments by joining us to the especially designed activities.



Aurador Cruises



Choose between luxurious motorboats, speedboats and sailing yachts.


Professionals of the sea

Our expert permanent crew ensures your pleasure safely.



Enjoy enchanting routes and visit the exquisite destinations of Milos.



Discover the incredible beaches of Milos, accessible only by sea, with our boats. Swim in the turquoise waters of the island, dine in the magical sunset of the Cyclades and have an exclusively designed menu for you.

We invite you

to experience
unique moments

Let’s plan together an exciting cruise to explore the remarkable beaches of Milos and the nearby islands.





  • Bathroom
    Bath tab and/or shower with hot water
  • TV & Music
    A wide variety of TV and music channels
  • Double bed
    Comfortable double bed (anatomical mattress)
  • WiFi
    All boats have internet connection
  • Air-conditioning
    All indoor spaces are air-conditioned
  • Meals
    Personalised meals

The experts of Aurador Cruises

Our team

Our experienced team of permanent qualified staff is always with you to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Dimitris Vichos

Chief Executive Officer

Maria-Erisa Karasali

Office Manager

Magda Varoucha

Social Media Marketing

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What our customers say

The crew was something else!!! It's not just a crew in the turquoise waters of Milos, but an enjoyable route full of surprises throughout its duration, with unforgettable moments and an extremely good crew! They really created magical moments especially for us and experiences I will never forget! We will see you again soon.

George T.

A unique experience!!! Fully equipped boat with the experienced staff willing to satisfy every wish. In an incredible route around Milos, we swam in crystal clear waters, we visited amazing caves, we had an amazing time diving from our boat and after we got tired, we enjoyed the most romantic dinner gazing at the unique Aegean while listening to our favorite music. Many thanks to the crew for the magical moments they created for us

Nicholas K.

It is wonderful to travel with people who know how to have a good time, enjoy the moment and inspire confidence.

Anastasia S.

We experienced absolute tranquillity, without missing anything. It was like we were alone on Earth, especially on the heavenly Milos.

Thodoris K.

Aurador Cruises

The only company that is there for you 365 days with all the boats at your disposal